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Medicines and foodstuffs with high quality are very sensitive
products. In order to achieve a good and consistent quality,
[especially] such product needs high attention on the exact dosage
with respect to their proper functioning of the ingredients. The range
of variation is gradual and enormous.

Validation is a planned documented evidence and the entire validation
process will be summed up by the qualification of all individual
devices and process. The sum of qualification serves as evidence
for the function and performance of  laboratory devices, or systems
within a process. Normally, if the whole validation is carried out with
the validation master plan, then it will ensure that any minor change
in behavior of the device or  process which is early enough can be
detected and avoided. This will improve the efficiency of the device
or the system

A failure of what may occur quickly during implementation and
keeping the laws in a certified laboratory. As a result a product of
low grade quality and even worse, production stop ensues.

As modern service providers, we offer you an expert assessment, 
qualification and validation of wide ranging  laboratory testing equipment (analytic, galenic and spectrophotometer), CSV (Computer

System Validation) is available.

With our offer we would like to contribute and share our expertise and let you free to focus on your core business.  

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